Special cargo

Beocontrol company performs loading system, transmission, transportation and unloading at the appropriate address for special cargo, where it needs special preparation and protection to cargo that is transported as well as to workers and equipment, which is used when maneuvering a given load.



We do professional special cargo transfer with high-tech equipment for the transfer of special cargo, which allows easier handling of loads. The equipment includes: hydraulic lifts for the transfer of the stairs, stair robots, forklifts, cranes and cranes for lifting heavy machinery on high platforms and buildings, special trucks for bulk transport under escort. Note that, for the transfer of cargo inside the object weighing over 350 kg we use modern equipment with special protection against wear floors (marble and ceramic).

Traction trains provide a smooth transport of goods weighing 25t to 250t, and we have vehicles for transportation of bulk freight (gravel, sand ..).

The special cargoes include all heavy objects that may be subject to manipulation within the building or outside:

  • Various works of art,
  • Antiques,
  • All types of pianos and other musical instruments,
  • Greater photocopy machines,
  • Safe deposit boxes,
  • ATM machines,
  • Cash registers,
  • Aggregates,
  • Telephone stations,
  • Large refrigerators for drinks,
  • Freezers,
  • Autos,
  • Boilers,
  • Concrete construction,
  • Silos.

Transfer of furniture for special purposes should be cost-effective, fast, efficient and simple.