Besides professional moving services, Beocontrol Company provides complete customs procedure for all their clients.

Our team will get all necessary permissions for export of books, paintings, antiques and pets and arrange all needed formalities required for import or export of your personal belongings.When moving to Serbia, foreigners are able to import for free all personal belongings, either by themselves or with the help of a moving company.Clothes, shoes, toiletries and scrap items can be imported without a fee in or out of the country, but only in an amount appropriate for personal usage

Like most other countries, Serbia allows you to import a bottle of perfume, a bottle of toilet water, one liter of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes and drugs in an amount that is necessary for treatment without a prescription.

Pets are allowed to enter the country if they have a certificate from a veterinarian of the country of origin.

Antiques and things of artistic or historical significance are imported and exported out the country with the permission of the competent institution.Here are in Customs clearance Moving Serbia,we provide best service.

Guns and hunting equipment can be entered to the country only in certain quantities and only if the hunt was organized by an organization authorized for such activities.

Certain types of goods, such as jewelry, furs, electronic device or vehicle, is necessary to report at the customs and get a temporary import permit to import to the country for free.

Individuals are not allowed to import and export:

  • Commercial products;
  • Drugs, poisons, toxic substances
  • Weapon
  • Pesticides
  • Goods that contain substances that could harm people’s health

Individuals that are returning to Serbia after long working period abroad may import in Serbia items and furniture worth up to 5,000 euros without duty fees and taxes only if they have a certificate from Serbian consulate or embassy that they have worked for more than 2 years in that country.

Of course, there are many uncertainties and unanswered questions when it comes to international moving, that is why our company Customs clearance Moving Serbiais trying to organize your moving to go ahead without problems.

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